Uneven Officiating and Weak Call with 2:50 Remaining Sink Bruins

Chara is Elbowed to the Head, Corvo and Bergeron Injured

Chara is Elbowed to the Head, Corvo and Bergeron Injured

Benoit Pouliot was called for a weak slashing call with 2:50 left in the game leading the Washington Capitals game winning, power play goal, a 4-3 victory, and 3-2 series lead. Referees Tim Peel and Steve Kozari not only called that late-game penalty but they also failed to call Jason Chimera for an elbow to the temple of Zdeno Chara towards the end of the 1st period.

What was even more curious was why the officials did not stop play on a clear Joe Corvo injury. Washington scored on a virtual power play as Corvo was clearly hobbled and could barely move. Earlier in the series, on two occasions, play was stopped when a Washington player was injured and the Bruins had control of the puck. Would the refs had blown the whistle if Joe Corvo had “embellished” the injury and stayed on the ice?

“That was the frustrating part for me,” Bruins coach Claude Julien said after the game. “When we were in Washington for the last game, twice they had players go down in their own end, and we had full control of the puck, and the whistle was blown right away with no hesitation. And tonight they decided they’re not. So, I was a little perturbed. Is there two sets of rules or one? I know they’re different referees, but it’s still the same series. That was frustrating because they ended up scoring a goal on that.”

“When a guy’s hurt and down like that, I don’t know how long he has to stay down before they blow it,” Bruins forward Brad Marchand added. “Any time a guy was down for two seconds last game they would blow it. They’ve got to see that a guy is hurt like that and blow it. But it’s great that he showed that effort to get up and try to finish the shift.”

Meanwhile, the Bruins forwards are being punished in front of the Capitals goal, while on the other end of the ice the Bruins are being hit with ticky-tack calls. Bruins’ center Patrice Bergeron suffered an undisclosed injury in the 2nd period while being cross-checked in the Capitals end of the ice. The Bruins best all round player was lost for most of the 3rd period.

The Bruins and Capitals will start game 6 in Washington at 3 p.m. Sunday. It’s hard to say if the short turnaround would help or hurt the B’s, but the Bruins are ready to extend the series to a game 7.

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