Red Sox Tickets are Virtually Sold Out for 2011

Blurry fans having fun at Fenway Park
Blurry fans enjoying game at Fenway Park

The radio commercials would have you believe that there are still plenty of good seats available to see the Boston Red Sox for the upcoming 2011 season. While technically that may be true, there is just one big problem – you’d have to sit by yourself. There are only single seats available for all but a measly few early season Monday games. (NOTE: I’m not going to include SRO, or ‘Standing Room Only’ tickets since you don’t actually get a seat.)

Can someone tell me how Ace Tickets gets all their seats? It’s been rumored that that Red Sox sell Ace a huge block of tickets every season. The reason? Well, the Sox get a kick-back on the scalped price so they can squeeze a few dollars more out of the already highest priced tickets in the league. All I know is that Ace Ticket already had a huge amount of seats available for sale while I was still stuck in the famous “Virtual Waiting Room”.

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