NFL Competition Committee Pass New Rules to Justify their Existence

The NFL Rules Committee has changed the kidkoff rulesThe NFL Competition Committee has passed some ridiculous rules for the 2011 NFL season. Talk about fixing what wasn’t broke. Here are the changes:

 • Kickoffs will be moved from the 30-yard line to the 35-yard line, while touchbacks will continue to be brought out to the 20 (passed 26-6). So there will be less kickoff returns and more touchbacks. Thank you NFL Competition Committee for guaranteeing more touchbacks, the only play more boring than an extra point!

 • They have also decided, in their infinite wisdom, to require that all scoring plays should be reviewed by the booth replay official (passed 30-2). “All scoring plays”? Does that include extra points and field goals? Oh, this won’t slow down the game at all. A goal line stand is now going to take about 20 minutes to play! Or perhaps this is yet another opportunity to sneak in a commercial break or two, since there’s barely a chance to get in a commercial around a scoring play now (score – commercials – extra point – commercials – kick off – commercials).

 • Football fields have to be green. I’m not kidding, the field has to be a shade of green.

No more blue NFL fieldsNFL field with purple grassNo more red football fields
The NFL has cracked down on the growing problem of multi colored fields.

Bill Belichick was quoted as saying, “I don’t like the idea of eliminating the kickoff from the game. I think it’s one of the most exciting plays in football.”

“It looks like the competition committee is trying to eliminate that play. I don’t know if that’s really good for the game.”

It sounds like these rule changes were passed for the NFL Competition Committee to justify their existence – but there is one other angle… how can these rule changes help Bill Polian and the Indianapolis Colts?! Were these rules passed because Adam Vinatieri doesn’t have a strong leg, and the extra 5 yards will help Adam reach the end zone? I smell a conspiracy theory…

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