Is Claude Julien a Human Manatee?

Is Bruins coach Claude Julien a human manatee?We’ve all heard the rumors for a long time. It’s time to settle the question once and for all; Is Boston Bruins coach Claude Julien a human manatee?

There are a lot of facts that link the supposedly human Bruins coach with the manatee species:

  • Both are well known for their gentle, slow-moving nature.
  • They both normally rest and feed often.
  • Both have thick, wrinkled skin.
  • Both are protected species (by the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 and the Boston press, respectively).
  • They are both very resistant to change.

There are also some major arguments against:

  • One is an air breathing and land-based. The other breathes underwater and is water-based.
  • Different DNA structures.

Well, there you have it. All I can do is present the facts and leave it up to you to decide. So what do you think? Is Claude Julien a human manatee?

Human Claude Julien and a Manatee

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