Aaron Rome Suspended for the Rest of the Stanley Cup Finals for Illegal Hit on Nathan Horton

Aaron Rome illegal hit on Nathan HortonThe NHL league office has done the right thing by suspending Vancouver Canucks defenseman Aaron Rome for the rest of the Stanley Cup finals for his late hit (to the head) of Boston Bruin’s forward Nathan Horton. Rome received a penalty for the obvious late hit, which was compounded by also being a blow to the head that he left his feet while delivering the hit. What message would be sent if an illegal hit could take out one of your competitors best players, while the offending player gets a slap on the wrist?! One can only imagine the chaos that would have happened if Aaron Rome was allowed to return to this series!

I would like to propose a new rule; If a player makes an illegal hit that results in the opposing player being injured, the guilty player should be suspended for (at least) as long as the injured player is unable to play.

For this one game, justice prevailed. The Bruins used the bush league play as motivation for a dominant performance at TD BankNorth Garden. Along with the late hit, Alex Burrows had previously (in Game 1) bit the finger of Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron. The NHL league office did not penalize Burrows, citing the hit as “unintentional” (despite many videos to the contrary). The Canucks team had taunted the Bruins over the incident in game two. On this night however, it was Vancouver that was pushed around and bullied by a Boston Bruins team that decided to dish out it’s own brand of justice in an 8-1 victory.

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