Will the Officials Decide the Boston Celtics & Miami Heat NBA Playoff Series?

David Stern's NBA is as corrupt as the mafiaIn a word, yes. Welcome to David Stern’s NBA.

UPDATE: Heat wins series 4 games to 1.
Not surprisingly the Heat went to the line 47 more times than the Celtics, despite the fact that the Celtics had more points in the paint, and more attempts in the paint than Miami.

In games 1 and 2 the Heat went to the line 14 times more than the Celtics. In both games the “points in the paint” statistic was even (the Celtics even missed 11 more shots in the paint than the Heat) indicating both teams were attacking the basket at the same pace. In game 3, Miami went to the line ONLY 4 times more than Boston, and guess what, the Celtics won. Let’s see if the Celtics get the same home court advantage in game 4 as the Heat got in the first two games of the series.

In game 1 Jermaine O’Neil was assessed a flagrant foul in what turned out to be a 5 point play for the Heat. The NBA has since rescinded the foul call, talk about too little too late!

And how has Dwayne Wade not gotten a flagrant foul in this series?! In game 1, he lowered his shoulder and tried to take out Paul Pierce – and Pierce got the technical foul and was thrown out of the game!. In game 3 Wade pulled down Rajon Rondo dislocating his shoulder, after a night full of clutching, grabbing, and shirt tugging. I’ve never thought of Dwayne Wade as a dirty player, I thought he was better than that.

Am I saying the NBA refs are corrupt? Am I saying that the NBA officials are in the pocket of The Mob, bookies, or organized crime? Not necessarily, although I won’t rule it out (see Tim Donaghy).

It’s the non-transparent method in which NBA czar David Stern assigns officials to playoff games that is so mysterious and troublesome. The NBA does not announce the referee assignments until the morning of each game. Why is it so secretive? Shouldn’t the NBA create a system in which the officials are assigned to all games BEFORE each series. There is only one reason it’s done this way, because David Stern wants be able to manipulate the series through his officials, depending on how the current series stands.

For game 4, Scott Foster, Eddie F. Rush, and Greg Willard have been given the assignment. No surprise, Scott Foster is known to be a good ref for visiting teams (he isn’t swayed by the home crowd), and Eddie Rush threw Kendrick Perkins out of last year playoffs against Orlando when he gave him his second technical foul (if you remember, Perk was walking away from the official at the time).

Once again it seems David Stern is affecting the results of this game through his unwitting henchmen. How will the tonight’s game 4 in TD Bank North Garden be officiated? Well… stay tuned.

Officials for earlier games:
Game 1: Joe Crawford, Joe DeRosa, Derrick Stafford
Game 2: Monty McCutcheon, Mike Callahan, Ken Mauer
Game 3: Bennett Salvatore, Bill Kennedy, Dan Crawford
Game 4: Derrick Stafford, Monty Mccutchen, Tony Brothers
Game 5: Scott Foster, Ron Garretson, Bill Spooner

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