Shane Coskren Saves the Red Sox Season!

Shane Coskren congratulated by fans on Yawkey WayShane Coskren leaves Fenway Park after Red Sox winIn a heroic performance reminiscent of Larry Bird, Tom Brady and Bobby Orr, Shane Coskren braved the near freezing temperatures, bustling crowds, and a nagging dad to cheer on the Red Sox versus the Toronto Blue Jays. Despite the teams terrible 2-10 start, Shane kept a positive attitude and exuded confidence as he made his way to Fenway Park. The Sox seemed to take a queue from the 12 year old Sox fan with the positive attitude and went out and played a terrific game behind the strong pitching performance of Josh Beckett.

Shane Coskren in Bruins Cap outside Fenway Park

Could Shane Coskren have saved the Red Sox season? If the Red Sox go on and win again today, the answer to that question is a clear and resounding, YES! Thank you Shane Coskren from Red Sox Nation!

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