Patriot Errors, Missed Opportunities & Bad Bounces Add Up to Super Loss

Patriots, Tom Brady, Wes Welker Make Errors to Lose Super Bowl
The New England Patriots have no one to blame but themselves. The Patriots uncharacteristically made several major blunders and couldn’t convert many more opportunities, ultimately leading to their Super Bowl loss. While the Giants did not play a perfect game by any stretch, they were patient, made fewer mistakes, did not turn over the ball, and completely dominated the game in terms of field position. Despite the Giants play, the game was there for the Patriots taking. Unfortunately for Tom Brady and the Patriots they finished the game the same way they started it, with errors and missed opportunities. Here are the plays that cost New England their 4th Super Bowl Championship.

List of Patriots Super Bowl Mistakes, Missed Opportunities, and Bad Bounces

  1. Intentional Grounding/Safety on 1st New England play, gives the Giants 2 points and the ball back.
  2. Too Many Men on the Field nullifies a Victor Cruz fumble and Patriot recovery. Two plays later the Giants are in the end zone.
  3. Patriots fail to recover 2nd NYG fumble.
  4. The Giants 1st field goal is poorly struck, hits the inside of the uprights, and deflects through.
  5. Tom Brady underthrows Rob Gronkowski on 1st down for a potential TD and The Gronk is unable to break up the subsequent interception (possibly due to his injury).
  6. Patriots fail to recover 3rd NYG fumble.
  7. Patriots abandon the no-huddle, hurry-up, 5-wide offense that produced two touchdowns and try to control the clock.
  8. Off-sides penalty by OLB Rob Ninkovich costs a 3rd down stop. Giants convert on next play and go on to gain almost 50 yards of field position.
  9. Wes Welker drops a tough 3rd down throw that would have given the Patriots a 1st down at the Giants 20 yard line with 4 minutes left in the game, leading by 2.
  10. Dion Branch drops pass that was thrown a bit behind him that would have also converted the 1st down.
  11. Can’t defend the Eli Manning to Mario Manningham 38-yard pass play that jump started the Giants’ game winning drive, although they are in the perfect cover two defense.
  12. Dion Branch drops a Brady pass that was a little behind him on the 1st down of the last drive. Branch would have ran deep into the Giants side of the field on a good throw and catch.
  13. Aaron Hernandez drops pass (although this may have been a blessing in disguise if he was tackled in-bounds and short of a 1st down).
  14. NYG penalized for too many men on the field. This actually helps the Giants by only giving the Patriots 5 yards but allows 8 seconds to run off the clock.
  15. Hail Mary pass drops to end zone turf a few feet in front of Gronkowski (and Welker).

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