Funny MLB Commercial has White Sox Fan and Cubs Fan Exchange Wisecracks

White Sox Fan and Cubs Fan Exchange WisecracksMLB has come out with a funny new commercial featuring Ron Swanson as a Cubs fan and Darryl Philbin as a White Sox fan. As they watch baseball in a Chicago bar called the “The Dividing Line”, the wisecracks come at a snappy pace (with a deadpan delivery). Here’s their conversation while sitting at the bar, drinking their draft beers:

White Sox Fan: How old is Wrigley anyway? Do you even have electricity?

Cubs Fan: It’s powered by tradition my friend, something you wouldn’t know about at Mobile Phone Park.

White Sox Fan: Someone should trim those weeds on your outfield walls.

Cubs Fan: It’s called “ivy”, as in Ivy League.

White Sox Fan: Or “bush”, as in bush league.

Cubs Fan: Your infield has more holes than a swiss cheese doughnut.

White Sox Fan: The last Cub to throw a no-hitter was your pitching machine.

Cubs Fan: Even our handsomely quaffed ex-governor wouldn’t try to sell a White Sox seat.

White Sox Fan: Last time your lead-off hitter got to second base was at his high school prom… in ’89.

Cubs Fan: Same year you started using that joke.

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