Why Canned Beer is Better than Bottled Beer

Craft Beer in Cans is Coming this Summer!

Case of Harpoon IPA Ale in Cans For years bottled beer lovers have claimed that bottled beer tastes better than canned beer. With recent improvements in beer can technology, the tide is turning as more and more craft beers have started to distribute beer in cans – and they are flying off the shelf.

The beer can revolution won’t happen overnight, there are still plenty of stubborn bottled beer hold-outs like Stephen Goothrie of Melrose, Massachusetts who can often be heard crying, “Who put that canned beer in my cooler?!”. Now the real question that must be asked; Is beer in cans better than beer in bottles?

The argument for canned beer:

    Can of Brooklyn Summer Ale

  1. Canned beer tastes great!
  2. Cans are easier to handle and more convenient, especially in a cooler.
  3. Cans don’t break.
  4. Cans get colder faster, and you can use a coozy to keep them cold.
  5. No need for a bottle opener.
  6. Aluminum cans are more environmentally friendly because they are lighter and smaller which saves on transportation.
  7. Cans block light, which is the #1 reason for skunky beer.
  8. Cans contain less air than bottles and are more airtight than bottle caps. Air also skunks beer.
  9. Cans can be crushed, which saves space and is fun.
  10. No bottle cap to throw away.
  11. Canned beer can be stored longer.
  12. The best tasting beer really comes from a tap off a keg. A keg is basically a big beer can.

The arguments for bottled beer: Case of Samuel Adams Latitude 48 IPA Variety Pack in bottles with cooler

  1. Bottled beer tastes great!
  2. Beer in glass bottles stay colder longer.
  3. Bottles preserve carbonation better.
  4. Glass is more environmentally friendly because the manufacturing process uses less energy.
  5. While cans have liners to prevent transferring a metallic taste, you’re lips come in contact with the aluminum when you take a sip.
  6. Bottle caps can have a funny saying or puzzle inside them.
  7. Beer can linings use epoxy which contains BPA.
  8. In a pinch, beer bottles can be smashed and used as a weapon.
And the winner is:
Harpoon IPA and Summer Ale in a Can

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